With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of 60,000 innocent babies and 30,000 mothers each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.

To eliminate MNT from the Earth by 2015, 129 million mothers and their future babies must be immunized. This requires vaccines, syringes, safe storage, transportation, thousands of skilled staff and more. It will take $110 million — and the dedicated work of UNICEF and every member of the Kiwanis family.

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MNT, maternal and neonatal tetanus, kills a baby every nine minutes. A vaccine would protect babies and mothers from soilborne tetanus spores that cause the disease. MORE

What could compare to the joy a family feels when a new baby’s born? Maternal/neonatal tetanus can quickly turn a family’s joy into despair—even death. Four Kiwanis family members traveled to the Philippines to see how Kiwanis and UNICEF can keep joy alive for babies, mothers and their families through The Eliminate Project.
Here are their stories. 

Téa Leoni: Out loud
Actress and UNICEF ambassador Téa Leoni wants the world to hear about maternal/neonatal tetanus.

Medical science has long known how to prevent tetanus; so why does it still kill nearly 60,000 babies every year? Read More

Stopping tetanus in Cameroon
4 October 2010: In Cameroon, the Government is leading a renewed campaign to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).


Reflection: A great deal to be grateful for 
I am so grateful for what I have
Grateful for all that I am able to give.

I am grateful for all that I have seen
And now able to share.

Circle K International member Avanti Kollaram visited Cambodia in April 2011 as part of a Kiwanis Eliminate Project site visit along with Elimate Project Chairman Randy DeLay, Eiminate Director for KI Pam Norman, Avanti, Lt Gov Elect Taiwan District Dr Vivian Tsai, Kiwanis International President Elect Alan Penn, Director Eliminate at US Fund for UNICEF Kate Weber, Snr Vice President for UNICEF Cynthia McCaffey, and Senior Communications and Media Director KI Christina Hale. 
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