Lee Kuan Yong  -  2016-2017 ASPAC Chairman


           Kiwanis Asia-Pacific, which we fondly refer to as “ASPAC”, continues to serve the children in our                    respective communities in the Asia-Pacific Region of Kiwanis International.


ASPAC is now serving children and the communities in the following countries and nations in the Region, in more than 900 Kiwanis clubs with more than 26,000 Kiwanis members:

Australia India       And also in:
Japan Pakistan French Polynesia
Korea (ROK) Nepal New Caledonia
Malaysia Sri Lanka Vanuatu
New Zealand-South Pacific Thailand                            United Arab Emirates
Philippine Luzon Cambodia  
Philippines South Indonesia (And Key clubs in China)
Taiwan Singapore  
  Hong Kong  



Kiwanis members in their respective Kiwanis clubs enjoy great life-long friendship, not only within their own club setting, but also across the entire ASPAC Region, and indeed globally throughout the entire Kiwanis world with more than 7,000 Kiwanis clubs and 200,000 Kiwanis members.  



Our Kiwanis clubs and members are involved in many long-term “signature projects” which touch the lives of children and young adults in their respective communities.  These signature projects attract new members as well as corporate partners as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives.  Oftentimes, the local community refers to these signature projects as just “Kiwanis”. 

For example, in Malaysia, the doctors would routinely ask the parent of a newborn child with Down syndrome: “Have you registered with Kiwanis ?” – referring to the local Kiwanis Down Syndrome Centre, which has been offering an early intervention development program, since 1989, for children age 6 months to 6 years old.

Our Kiwanis clubs are partnering and mentoring school children and young adults to develop good servant leadership, good citizenship, and good community awareness through the following Kiwanis-branded Service Leadership Programs (“SLP”):

  • K-Kids club (for students in primary/elementary schools)
  • Builders club (for students in junior high/middle schools)
  • Key Club International (for high school/ secondary school)
  • Circle K International (for university/college students)
  • Aktion Club (for adults living with disabilities)
  • Key Leader ( a life-changing leadership weekend for students aged 14-18)
  • Terrific Kids Program and Bring Up Grades Program (fir children aged 6-12)

Our 2016-17 Kiwanis International President Jane Erickson has called on all Kiwanis leaders and members to “Energize the Dream…that every child is happy, healthy, safe and loved!”

Together, Kiwanis International has set the following important 2016-17 Goals for us all to achieve by 30th September 2017:

  • Every club will create a strategic I-Plan.
  • Every club will conduct at least one signature project.
  • We will add more than 35,000 new members.
  • We will open more than 300 new Kiwanis clubs.
  • We will support our service leadership programs.
  • We will collect more than US$10.4 million in previously committed Eliminate pledges.

Kiwanis districts, clubs, and members in ASPAC will participate strongly in achieving these 2016-17 Goals; and in particular, the 2016-17 District Governors and Leaders in ASPAC are committed to achieving the following specific goals:

  New Clubs in 2016-2017 New Members in 2016-2017
Australia 2 164
Japan 3 325
Korea 2 73
Malaysia 13 308
New Zealand-South Pacific 6 126
Philippine Luzon 25 770
Phillipine South 10 322
Taiwan 10 2614
India 2 47
Kiwanis Nations 3 35
Worldwide 300-300 35000


Armed with the Kiwanis strategic I-Plan developed in each club and each district, we hope to accomplish much in the coming year as we all focus on the most important priorities, but with a common mission of serving the children of the world.

We will gather together at our 42nd ASPAC Convention 2017, which will be held in Jeju Island, South Korea on March 10th& 11th, 2017, with a pre-convention ASPAC Board meeting on March 9th.  At that time, we will review our progress, celebrate success, elect our 2017-18 Kiwanis leaders, and enjoy great fellowship with old and new friends alike.

Thank you.

Yours in Kiwanis

Lee Kuan Yong

2016-2017Kiwanis Chairman

Kiwanis Asia Pacific

email: leekuanyong@gmail.com

Mobile/Whatsapp/Text +6012-321-8750